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Davinder Kaur was born and raised in Bradford, England. She briefly lived in Denmark and traveled Australia for a year before moving to the United States in the early 1990s. She earned her bachelor’s degree at the age of forty while working full time and raising her three children who are her pride and joy. She enjoys cooking and traveling, loves cruises, and her two favorite places thus far are Italy and London.

Davinder Kaur

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2023 Indie Book Awards Winner

Davinder's book on forced marriages won the "Women's Issues (Non-Fiction)" category at the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group awards, highlighting its relevance and impact. The award emphasizes the importance of her work in raising awareness about this cultural abuse.

Advocacy Groups

Karma Nirvana is a UK charity working towards ending honour-based abuse, including child marriage, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation.

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Unchained At Last: US-based charity ending child & forced marriage and gender-based violence. Provides direct services, advocates for policy changes.

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AHA Foundation fights to end harmful cultural practices against women. They train medical pros, offer resources on FGM/C, honor violence & forced marriage.

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Global Hope 365 fights against child marriage and human trafficking in the US through programs promoting online safety and education, digital campaigns, and training for teens led by the UNODC. They encourage individuals to volunteer and join the fight.

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Bristol's Sky Project: Offering support and training on forced marriage and honor-based violence issues.

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Tahirih Justice Center: Serving 30,000+ immigrant survivors of gender-based violence since 1997, across five U.S. locations.

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Child marriage is legal and practiced in 44 of the 50 U.S. states including California.

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What Will You Learn?


Understanding Forced Marriages

Gain a deep understanding of the realities of forced marriages, the cultural and traditional factors that perpetuate them, and the devastating impact they have on the lives of young girls and women.


Empowerment and Resistance

Learn about Davinder Kaur's inspiring journey of resistance and empowerment, and how she managed to break free from the chains of a forced marriage.


Advocacy and Change

Discover how Davinder Kaur has used her experiences to advocate for change, working with organizations worldwide to help end arranged and forced marriages.


Strength and Resilience

Draw inspiration from Davinder's strength and resilience, and understand how her story can empower others facing similar situations to find their voice and stand up against cultural and traditional abuse.

Words From Our Readers

Read reflections of our readers who have been deeply moved by "Forced to Marry Him". Their words echo the impact of Davinder Kaur's story, shedding light on the profound influence her experiences and courage have had on their understanding of forced marriages.

These testimonials serve as a testament to the power of sharing personal narratives in raising awareness and inciting change. Read on to discover how "Forced to Marry Him" has touched the lives of our readers.
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Overall Customer Ratings

Louise Emerson

Great Read.

This book is a great read and opened my eyes to forced marriage. Of course, I have heard about it but never heard anyone's story about it.


A real eye opener.

Reading this story opens your eyes to the realities of a marriage between strangers all in the name of culture. Davinda Kaur has my deepest admiration.


Well written emotional read.

This book spoke to me personally. It's well written and provides an amazing insight into the world of forced marriage. The incidents described are so raw and truthful that it is a tribute to Davinda's strength and resilience.


Davinder Kaur's story is remarkable.

Breaks the wall of silence around culture-based abuses Indian girls and women suffer. Her absolute courage and optimism in fleeing home at 18 and forging her way through multiple barriers to find her freedom and shape her dreams is truly inspiring.

Mrs Tina Wilkinson

Could not put the book down.

Really well written, true story. 100% Recommend to read.

Sasha Taylor

Incredibly intense emotional rollercoaster.

This book is an incredibly intense emotional rollercoaster and a must-read to understand the reality of forced marriages happening globally.

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